Sunday, June 21, 2009


Easily the one word that Chloe says 100 times a day. Since day 1, she and Jared have had this special bond that is evident in every smile, every look, touch and giggle. She loves her Dada more than any one else. There are times when I am pushed away in the pursuit of Dada, and I am ok with that. Because this man loves this little girl more than I thought possible. She brings out his silly side, patience I didn't know he had, and so much love and adoration. He is so proud of her walk, her babbles and all the little accomplishments that would be nothing to someone else. He praises her and loves her, teaches her and guides her, while I sit back and watch, thankful for the man God has blessed us with. He puts us before so much else, works hard to provide and still manages to play pillows and throw rocks outside after a long day. He's one of a kind, and we've got him. And we're thankful.

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